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  • Pão de Açúcar - Setor Totem
    Photo: Marcia G
  • Uvgh
    Photo: Pedro Mendonça
  • Sarria
    Photo: Almali Zraik

You are free for climbing.

Sometimes finding the route may be the crux itself. With ClimbStreets you find the base of the route just pointing out your smartphone's camera to the crag. Wanna climb in places you have never been? Have no guide nor a friend in the area? Just search for a climbing spot, download the guidebook and get all the information you need - with or without internet connection. Meet climbing partners, save your records and get beta from the climbing community.


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With ClimbStreets' exclusive Augmented Reality interface, it is easy to find your way to the routes.

Share your Passion

Instantly post your last achievement. Set your goals, choose places to climb and find partners for the next pitch.

The right information

Routes location and graduation, belay view pictures, gear needs and beta. Everything at your fingertips.